Std 1st to 5th Annual Exam 2019-20

Mar 17, 2020

Final Examination Time Table 2019-20

 STD : 1st to 5th

Date Day I II III IV V
30/03/2020 Monday Drawing,




Drawing Drawing Drawing
31/03/2020 Tuesday orals orals Gujarati S.S Science
01/04/2020 Wednesday orals orals Science English Text Hindi
03/04/2020 Friday Maths Environment  Hindi Science S.S.
04/04/2020 Saturday English Text Gujarati S.S. Hindi English Text
07/04/2020 Tuesday Environment English Text English Grammar Maths Maths
08/04/2020 Wednesday Gujarati Maths Maths English Grammar Gujarati
09/04/2020 Thursday English Grammar English Grammar English Text Gujarati English Grammar
11/04/2020 Saturday G. K. G. K. G. K. G. K. G.K.