Std 1st Portion for Annual Examination

Mar 19, 2020

Portion for Annual Examination                        Std :- 1st  

  • English Text : L- 1 Play: Let’s be safe, 2-Care for Nature, 3-A Visit to the Zoo, , P- 1-My Teacher, 2- The Rain, Dictation

Work has been done in Explore book and Notebook both.

Look at the picture and make sentences.

Read the paragraph carefully and Fill in the blanks.

  • English Grammar : L-19 Pair of words, L-20 the sentences , L-21 Choosing the Right words’, L-22 Choosing the Right Words. L-23 Use of Am, Is, Are,L-24 Use of Was, Were,  L-25, Use of Have, Has, Had, L-26 Question and Answer,

Work has been done in Grammar book and Notebook both.

          Composition : 1. Mahatma Gandhi         2. Our National Flag         3. My School

          Look at the picture and make sentences

Read the paragraph carefully and Fill in the blanks.

  • Environment (EVS) :- Lesson no. – 1 to 6. Work done in note book and term – 3 book.
  • Maths :- Lesson no.- 1 to 4. Work done in note book and term-3 book.
  • G.K. :- Lesson no 1 to 10 in Explore book.
  • Gujarati :- કી to જ્ઞી, step – 14, 15, 16, 17. Ex. કૂ to જ્ઞૂ, step – 22, 23, 24, 25, Ex. પાલતુ પ્રાણી, Step – 26, જંગલી પ્રાણી Step-27, પક્ષીઓ, Step – 28, ફ્ળો, Step – 29. Write in English, Write in Gujarati.                                                                                       Dictation words. Numbers – 41 to બારાક્ષરી થી જ્ઞ. Work done in workbook, Rough book and notebook.
  • Drawing :- Students have to fill the color in the given picture.



  • English Text Oral : Students have to give the answer in one word.
  • English Grammar Oral: Students have to say the use of Am, is are, was, were, have, has. Teacher will ask the article and general questions from the L-26.
  • Evs (oral):– Identify the types of plants. (L – 1), Sources of water and uses of water. (L – 2), Identify the object that need air to breathe. (L – 3), Give any two safety rules to follow in school. (L-5), Who am I? (L – 6)
  • Maths (oral): Table of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10. (L – 1), Read the clock. (L – 2), Addition in Money. (L – 2), Give units for length, weight and capacity measurement. (L-3)
  • Gujarati :- (Oral) – Teacher has given the worksheet.