Academic Year : 2019-20

Janmashtami Celebration

Flag making Activity – Sr. KG

Sharing and caring Activity done by Sr. KG Students

Story Telling :


Student’s curriculum is planned keeping in mind their interests. Colour days, Community helpers’ day, festival celebration, parent-child participation activities are included in the yearly calendar. Innovative and creative techniques for introducing new concepts and familiarizing the students are adapted.

If an environment of play is available for them in pre-schools then it will give them the feeling of comfort and will help them to create a bond with their teachers and other kids. Children always tend to get excited if certain fun element and play is involved in it. With this particular method, the child can give wings to their imagination ability. It enables the child to improve various skills like motor, creative, imaginative, aesthetic, cognitive, linguistic etc.

The play way method of learning is what we practice for our tiny tots in the kindergarten. The cute little kids leave the safe haven of their homes, the loving laps of their parents and come to us feeling lost in a new environment. Our first goal is to make them feel at home, feel loved and comfortable.The curriculum for the preschoolers is designed to make the time they spend here enjoyable and entertaining. The teaching – learning is done through activities. Teachers come up with innovative ideas to introduce new concepts to the kids.

Fruits and vegetables: Fruit and vegetable weeks are celebrated in school. Each child brings a different fruit to school everyday. They are told the names of the fruits they bring by the teachers and then they eat the fruit. Parents are requested to send the names of the vegetables the child eats at home daily. The children are shown various products made from fruits and vegetables.

Community Helpers: The teachers dress up as different community helpers and introduce themselves to the students. The students are taken on a fieldtrip around the village to meet with the community helpers.

Colours: Colour days are celebrated wherein all the children wear clothes of the same colour and bring different articles of that colour. The colour days are enjoyed a lot by the children.

Numbers: A variety of activities are planned to introduce numbers to the children. They play games through which they are able to identify numbers, count objects correctly, and eventually learn to add and subtract too.

These are but a few examples of the day to day activities that are planned for the young kids to make learning joyful. The children are introduced to our traditions and culture by celebrating all the festivals in school. They learn about the stories and rituals associated our festivals.

We believe in encouraging parents to actively participate in their child’s development on a day to day basis. We invite parents to organize the festival celebration, to demonstrate different activities to the children and participate in activities in school with their ward. Parents participated in friendship band making, keychain making and advertisement competitions with their wards. The parents and children enjoyed the time spent together. These events boost the self confidence of the children.