It was golden the period of my life when I was a school girl. For me sweet are the memories of the school-days. Deep are the impressions of school life and unforgettable are the experiences of my school days. I had very good teachers throughout my school life. They were devoted teachers and the worshipers of good values. They embedded in my mind virtues like hard work, honesty, courage, helping and respecting our elders. They imparted their knowledge to me . They gave me good thoughts and broadened my outlook. They developed in me a habit of rational thinking. What I am today is a personality cut out and shaped by my teachers in my school days, On occasions the whole chart of memorable moments in school life moves in front of my eyes, I feel like becoming a child and experience those golden days again. But alas! Its not possible. I will always carry in my mind the rich treasure of sweet memories of my school life and share it with my close friends that I am proud I was a student of GEMS.


Ruchita J. Bhavani

TY Interior Designing

ITM college, Mumbai


GEMS, the place that sheltered me for 14 years of my life, the teachers that saw me grow from a grumpy little crying child to a more responsible high school student. GEMS played an essential role in developing me in the person I am today, from the values that were taught to us as well as the strong foundational education required to excel in future was something that my teachers provided me. It will always hold a special place in my heart as I can proudly say that the reason I am doing well at a university & that too in a different country is that of the education I received at GEMS. At times I appreciate how lucky I was to meet the fantastic teachers & friends who helped me grow along the way. Whenever someone asks for the reason of choosing Accounting as my major, I proudly say that the way GEMS introduced me to Accounting & the basic principle of it, helped me in deciding my career path. Once again I would like to thank each and every person at GEMS who dedicates their time for the students and their betterment, will forever be grateful to the school & my teachers.


Khushboo Kapadia

Accounting Major Class of 2020

Rutgers University, United State.


“Education is the Key to unlock the golden door of freedom”……
And the first step towards that door is the school. I am very grateful for that I got the best place to start my journey, my school “GEMS”. It was not just a school but a second home. What ever I have achieved started at that place. I would like to thank all the teachers… who have cultivated confidence and growth in me through out the journey in all the ways possible.


Dhanika V. Patel

B. Tech Computer Engg.


GEMS, just like the name has been a precious memory which shines in my life. My school was my second home. My teacher were like my parents. My parents admitted me to this school as complete care was given to the students.
The environment of the school was free and each and every need of the students was fulfilled. They nurtured us like growing plants. We also had the opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities. We were fed tasty, nutritious
and healthy food. The teachers and other staff members were loving. One of the best places in my school was our school library which had a collection of a wide variety of books. I wish I could go back to my school and relive those memories, spend time with my friends and laugh over silly things. I feel I am lucky to be a student of GEMS which has provided me a strong foundation to build my future.

Akansha M. Patel

First Year, MBBS


“Precious Time of life”
My school “The Jamshed and Shirin Guzder English Medium School, Gandevi” is the most valuable and precious time of my life. One would think why the name is “GEMS” but it is a suitable name. As GEMS are diamonds which have much value, my school “GEMS” also helps the students to become invaluable. As the saying goes, the teacher is a second mother. “GEMS” school teachers are really second mothers . The school not only gave knowledge but also helped us in various activities. The teachers were always ready to help us. All teachers have deep knowledge about their subjects and they impart their knowledge to us. “The teacher burns to light up their students.” The library is a place where one gets peace, but “GEMS” library is a place where one gets peace as well as inspiration. The best part of my school is its environment. Its environment encourages us to learn new things. The one who has passed their life from “GEMS” will have brilliant and beautiful memories. I miss my GEMS very much. Thank you teachers, for making me a good person.


Payal H. Patel

F. Y., B. Sc, Microbiology

B. P. Baria Science Institute. Navsari


School the only place where we go crying and leave crying and in between the whole journey of 12 years We all are moulded from a clay to a pot by our TEACHERS whom we initially don’t like but their absence is felt now. From day one till the last day our teachers treated us as their kids. Their TEACHINGS have now turned as BLESSINGS. Now as I have stepped out in the real world I can totally feel that GEMS was my comfort zone and the teachers were my family. Therefore here I take an opportunity to THANK the GEMS Parivar for being a PILLAR of my life and I feel proud to be a part of this wonderful family.


Meera A. Kapadia

Evening Commerce College, Surat

Pursuing – T .Y. B. Com.


My teachers gave me the best gift of all :
“BELIEVING IN ME” … and through your encouragement and guidance, I feel I am ready for tomorrow’s challenges. Instead of leading me by holding my hand, you asked me to walk ahead while you caringly observed from behind. I am thankful for hands that helped me learn….
Thank you GEMS.


Reev Naik

Third Year MBBS – Ukraine


I had studied in this school since I was 3 years of old. Being a single child at home, I really didn’t know how it felt studying in a full fledged family so, now that I know what really a family is, the credit goes to GEMS Parivar. I studied here for almost 11-12 years and from 100% of my life time, 80% has been spent here. Yes no doubts that proper education is must in this present age but do you agree that “Only proper education is must ” – Nope. Because the feelings, the emotion of gratitude which we have learnt are also very important. The people who actually shaped my personality and taught me to be confident are my teachers. So my only motive behind writing this article is to express my gratitude towards GEMS. I am proud that I was a student of GEMS.


Simran Manish Malkani

B. A. – Navsari


“GEMS” the word itself suggests precious. It is said that school life is best but mine was excellent. Experience of GEMS was really valuable with golden memories attached with my heart. I studied in GEMS for 13 years and it was more than a decade and so it was not just a school for me, it is like a family. I feel so lucky to have such great teachers to teach us about subjects but also they gave us extraordinary knowledge about what is going on in the world. There are many memories attached to school like school picnic assembly, recess time, annual function etc. When I remember all these days I wish I could go back to school again enjoy those days. At last GEMS is not just a school for me it is temple of learning and arts. I am proud to be a student of GEMS. Best school ever.


Annie Kapadia

B. E. (Electronics & Communication)

Vishwakarma Govt. Engg. College,, Chandkheda.


“School, we join crying and leave crying.” GEMS, as the name says all, a magical place where potion of all qualities is sprinkled and transformed from a child to a gem. The reason why I’m habitual to say its “MY SCHOOL”, it had given me a lot of lessons and memories for life and generous love from all the teachers till today. The best thing about the teachers is that they treat us as their child and played all the roles to mould us. The teachers had taught all about the challenges we will have to face in life and to overcome the difficulties in the way leading to success with all the moral values and qualities for self building capabilities, developing my personality and skills along with our studies. They taught us about the actual world and the way to see it. GEMS has given us knowledge in every field and is been on the top in all, music, dance, arts, sports and many others. It has given me my passion and a great source of knowledge in music and teaching, praising and helping in to take part in all the competitions and our team has successfully proven many times with the great effort of our school and teachers that “United We Work, United We Win” in all fields. If miracles happen then it would rather be the wish of all to go back to their golden period of life, “childhood”. It would be a honour for me to help my school and give it back what it has given me. I would like to thank all my teachers from childhood to teen age for complete me and make me a person like this. It is a proud moment to be a the part of the institution like GEMS. Great wishes and love to keep on doing the same.


Kenil Sandip Naik.

Persuing B.Tech. (Electronics)

BVM College, Vallabh Vidhyanagar